Reviewer Guideline

Manuscripts submitted to Mehes Journal are evaluated by at least 2 blinded reviewers who are experts in their field, in accordance with the double-blind refereeing principles. The process of peer review includes seeking advice on individual manuscripts from the reviewer' experts in the field. The reviewers have no conflict of interest and the manuscripts are kept confidential. Referee evaluation results are reviewed by the editor and the author is notified of the decision regarding the article. The names of the reviewers who evaluate the articles within the framework of confidentiality are not disclosed to the authors. Reviewers also cannot see the names of the authors of the articles they evaluate. For articles that pass the preliminary evaluation, an invitation is sent to the reviewer via the journal system. Within 3 working days, the referee accepts or rejects the invitation. The evaluation process of the referee who accepts the invitation is 7 working days. If the referee fails to complete the evaluation within 7 working days, an additional 3 working days is given to the referee if requested. Reviewers make the evaluation in accordance with the rules of academic etiquette and send the result (Rejection-Acceptance-Minor Revision-Major Revision) to the editor by uploading it to the system. It is a general principle to improve the articles that are not deemed sufficient in line with the referee's suggestions. Reviewers should use constructive language in their evaluations and avoid personal comments containing insults and hostility.